Can you bully someone into a sale?

Of course you can.

It’s human nature to resist saying yes. Human nature makes us hesitate, sometimes for a week or a month, at the very last minute, at the moment of truth.

One technique to get through this hesitation is to be a sales bully.

Sales bullies describe their approach as ethical, because, after all, it’s in the best interest of the prospect to say yes. It’s okay to be a sales bully when you’re trying to get someone to take their TB medicine, so it must be okay to be a sales bully to get them to sign this contract.

And it works. On some people.

The flaw in thinking is this… the people you most want to sell to won’t respond well to this. The people you most need to spread the word, the people who are the best partners, the most loyal customers–they blanch in the face of bullying. They walk out.

So, if bullying is the only tool you’ve got, it makes sense to focus on an audience that responds to it (and lower your expecations accordingly). Even better, get some new tools.