“I call dregs”

Bert was happy to eat the leftover rice from the rice cooker, but he didn’t want to grab something that someone else on the team needed. So he said, "I call last dibs." Dibs, of course, is a priority, your chance to get ahead of someone else in line.

Megan pointed out that last dibs was sort of an oxymoron, so she coined the term ‘dregs.’

Calling "dregs" is actually a great marketing strategy. It lets the community know that you’ll backstop them, you’ll worry about what’s left, and you’re happy to be generous. It’s an expression of great humility, sort of the opposite of what people expect from a business.

Pay what you think it’s worth, money back guarantee, are you sure you’re delighted, try it and let us know, a bonus for quitting… these are useful examples of calling dregs. Remarkable indeed.