Fixing the one big thing

Joe Biden is long winded. His voters say so, so does the press. And now his new boss does as well.

The feedback couldn’t be more clear. So why not fix it?

Verizon has mind-numbingly bad customer service. People hate to call them. People switch providers just to avoid this problem. So why not fix it?

DiFara’s makes the best pizza in New York. But it takes 90 minutes or so to get a pizza. Everyone complains, so why not fix it?

In the case of DiFara’s, the answer is easy: because fixing it would make it normal. It would take away what makes the place special. People wouldn’t complain any more, but people wouldn’t go, either.

If your ‘one big thing’ is a key part of what makes you successful, how dare you change it.

On the other hand, if momentum or laziness or lack of will (or focus) is the thing holding you back, it’s time to get serious. When you remove the one big thing from people’s list of objections, your career and organization will take off.

Joe Biden can carry a timer in his pocket. He can become reticent in public. He can, in just one day of hard work, solve his problem. Verizon can invest focus and and money and solve their problem. AT&T can invest and fix their wireless network. It just takes commitment, not a miracle.