Free ebooklet, free seats, live event

I’m hoping you can take a look at these two free opportunities:

1. On October 22nd, I’m doing a live event in New York to launch my new book.

If you can make it, you are encouraged to video the event, remix it and if you like, give the talk on your own using my slides (which will be available to every attendee). There are fifty VIP seats and some free seats as well.

2. has made it to 50 issues in print.

This is really exciting for me, since I was lucky enough to have some amazing interns help me launch the site years ago. By my estimate, four gazillion useful, provocative PDFs have been distributed since launch. If each one had been made out of chocolate instead of digits, they would have made a pile taller than the Empire State Building.

If you’d like to see my latest free manifesto, the PDF is right here.