World wide web

The online community I started two months ago (now closed to new members, sorry) has members from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, South Korea, British Columbia*, Canada, Greece, Austria, Latvia, China, India, Finland, Malaysia, Uganda, Denmark, Tasmania, Australia, Turkey, Taiwan, Mexico, Sweden, Serbia, Kenya, Colombia, Jordan, Germany, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Ireland, Thailand, Scotland, South Africa, Romania, United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Argentina, UAE, Netherlands, Singapore, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia. (*British Columbia is not a country. It’s beautiful, but it’s not a country). Probably more.[Update:Tasmania has devils, but it’s not a country either. All I did was cut and paste the list. Sorry.]

Think about that the next time you’re sure you know who’s reading what you write. And realize that one day soon, you’ll be spending much of your time working with people who you will probably never meet in person.