We feel your pain

That’s the current motto of the folks over at Motrin. There’s been a ton of buzz the last two days about a botched ad campaign they ran, but this post isn’t really about that. It’s about being a human being and feeling pain.

After running an ad that offended some people, Motrin decided to take it down. This is what they put up on their website:


This isn’t a honest note from a real person. It’s the carefully crafted non-statement of a committee. What an opportunity to get personal and connected and build bridges…

Read down to the fine print. It says, "Why you can no longer find Children’s MOTRIN® Chewable Tablets". This obviously has nothing to do with the apology, it was always there. Click on it. It takes you to their FAQ, so you have to read through all the questions to find the one to click on. Click on it again. Read through the text until you find this: "Children’s MOTRIN® Chewable Tablets have been temporarily discontinued."


Thanks for telling us.

TV demands that you broadcast. TV demands that you talk at us. It’s the only possible solution.

The web, on the other hand, doesn’t respond as well to that. It responds extremely well to moments of honesty and candor. Real people feeling our pain.