Calling your bluff

Billionaire raconteur Mark Cuban just posted a fascinating challenge. Post a business plan that meets certain criteria and he'll consider funding it, right here, right now.

Here's what's neat:
1. As soon as you see enough plans, you realize that in fact there are tons of ways to create a viable business in just a few months. There's no shortage of ideas worth stealing.

2. Mark asks that you describe how much money you need and how much equity you'll give up for it. My guess is that for most of these businesses, that causes the entrepreneur to whittle down the money that's actually necessary (hey, that money is expensive!) until the point that they don't need Mark's money at all. They can just start.

The comments on his thread are typical of what happens when you call someone's bluff. There are plenty of skeptics, critics, trolls and naysayers. What a shame. Shun the non-believers.

PS! If you think you don't have a good enough idea, nine superpowered friends of mine came up with a list that might just help.