Citizen Reviewer

It's quite possible that the era of the professional reviewer is over. No longer can a single individual (except maybe Oprah) make a movie, a restaurant or a book into a hit or a dud.

Not only can an influential blogger sell thousands of books, she can spread an idea that reaches others, influencing not just the reader, but the people who read that person's blog or tweets. And so it spreads.

I'd like you to help me spread the good word about my friend Jacqueline's important (essential) new book, The Blue Sweater. I'll be reviewing it here in two weeks, but there's a great opportunity now if you have an influential platform and are inclined to pitch in.

Visit this form and describe your platform if you'd like a copy. I'm buying books for a few bloggers interested in doing a review of the book and then giving it away to one of their readers or friends. (I'm not picking the winners, so don't blame me). Apologies in advance that only a few people will get a free one (they will email the lucky recipients, so if you don't hear, you know you need to buy your own copy).

PS as a public service, a reminder that today is the king of all Hallmark holidays. Pretend you didn't forget.