A chance to join the online triiibe

Five months ago, I built a social network on Ning. No ads, all free. I briefly opened it to the readers of this blog as a place to talk about leadership and connection. A few thousand people bought my book and signed up. Since then, there have been hundreds of thousands of posts and connections and stories. The plan was to run it as a closed community and then open it once we laid a foundation of connections and content.

Well, the group that orginally homesteaded the site has agitated to keep it as a closed community. I can't disagree. In fact, the password-protected, non-anonymous nature of this community makes it work. People hesitate to spam or troll because they know they'll get kicked out and won't be able to return. They talk to one another with respect because it's really them, and they're really there.

I've decided to let a few more people join in order to keep things fresh and growing. The only requirements:
1. To be fair, you need to have purchased at least one copy of Tribes, just like everyone else there.
2. It's a promotion-free zone. If you attempt to sell things or sites or anything, we'll ask you to leave.

[NOW CLOSED AGAIN! I got a huge response, there are some amazing people, and I'm closing the group again for a few months to let the tribe coalesce again. I apologize if you missed the window]. I'm only going to keep it open for a day or so. If you don't get an invitation from me, it's because Ning's invites often end up in spam filters. I'm sorry, but there's no way I can manually resend it, so watch carefully. (PS Robin Sharma has a similar, open network as well.)