What does better mean?

Are zippers better?

For years, I always wore jeans with a zipper. After all, zippers are better. They're faster and easier and they do what they're told. What an amazing invention! How did we survive without zippers?

Last year, just for kicks, I bought a pair of jeans with a button fly. Middle age crisis, I guess.

Now, that's all I wear. Buttons are better.

How can buttons be better? They're archaic. They take a long time. They're difficult.

Except that I like the way they look. And since I like them better, they are better.

This is a hard lesson for marketers, particularly technical marketers, to learn. You don't get to decide what's better. I do.

If you look at the decisions you've made about features, benefits, pricing, timing, hiring, etc., how many of them are obviously 'better' from your point of view, and how many people might disagree? There are very few markets where majority rule is the best way to grow.