Want to contribute a story to the updated Purple Cow?

In the fall, a new trim size edition of Purple Cow is coming out. The book will include a significant appendix, filled with stories from people like you. If you know a business or service or organization that deserves to be shouted about, I'd love to include it. Your help is really appreciated, and the people you write about will thank you.

Here's a sample from Bonnie:

www.soallmayeat.org is truly remarkable. Imagine going into a restaurant and seeing no prices on the menu. You might think that the food was really expensive, but that's not the case at the So All May Eat (SAME) Cafe in Denver, CO. The fact is that there are no prices on the menu because everyone pays what they can, many people pay more. There's no cash register, just an envelope that patrons get with their meal. In that envelope goes a few dollars, a fair price for the meal, a hearty donation or nothing at all. The envelope then goes into a simple wooden box. Everyone gets a great home made meal at a price they can afford. If someone can't pay anything at all they are asked to help out in the kitchen, serve some soup or clean up for an hour or so…and they are willing and happy to help out. It's not a free ride or a handout, it's honest work for an terrific hot meal. Founders Brad & Libby Birky not only make a difference by providing a free meal but they have also created thriving community of people who care and are cared for.

And here's one from Jay:

Two things are guaranteed at the remarkable DinTaiFung restaurant in Taipei: the extremely long line outside and the size/weight of their world famous steamed juicy pork dumplings. Each dumpling uses only the freshest ingredients, weighs a precise 0.74 oz, and has exactly 18 folds.  In 1993, NY Times named DinTaiFung as one of the top 10 restaurants in the world.  Even with many outlets worldwide today, thousands of tourists still visit Taipei every year just to eat at its original location. One of the stories told about the restaurant owner is that he takes the tour buses to hear what people say about his restaurant.  One day, he found that bus stopped before reaching its destination and tourists were encouraged to use the restrooms so that they can avoid using the ones at his restaurant.  He went back and installed the most advanced toilets available in the restrooms and made sure that they were cleaned every 15 minutes.  Since then, the restrooms at DinTaiFung also became one of the most talked about topics for tourists.

Deadline is May 24th at midnight New York time.

Before you click this link to enter your story, please read the simple rules:

  1. It can't be about you or about an organization you are part of.
  2. It can only be 200 words maximum.
  3. It should be about something new and now and relevant. No stories about Abe Lincoln please.
  4. Please don't get all PR and pitchy on me. If you don't like to write, have a friend write it.
  5. Proofread!
  6. You get credit by name (and your url or @id if you want one)

You guys are so brilliant, my standards are high. No promises, except that I'll read each one. Thanks!