I got some fascinating responses to yesterday's post.

A few were from entitled college grads. They basically asked, "With all this debt, how can I possibly do what you asked? Sure, some people might be able to do this, but I have no choice but to take a menial job, look for work and then party at night so I can have some friends."

More, though, were from people who said, "Yes! I can do this. I'll sleep on a friend's floor and eat beans and rice every night if I have to, but this is as much a part of my education as taking English 101 was." I heard from three recruiters who violently agreed with this plan–who else would you hire?

Marketers have it tough today, just like job seekers, job holders, laid off people and people worrying about being laid off. It's not easy, very few people are getting what they deserve. You can't just run an ad or send in a resume and succeed.

Which is great news if your goal is getting through the Dip. It's great news because if you're a little tougher than people who are ready to give up, or you are a little more creative than people who are stuck, you'll break through.

I built my first internet company before and then during the dot com boom. It was far easier to do great work before everything heated up, far easier to stand out and far easier to make a difference. This is your moment, but I'm afraid it won't be easy.