Ishita’s here

ISHITA1 Please welcome Ishita Gupta, who now doubles the size of the team here at my tiny version of a company.

Ishita is our newly appointed Head of Hoopla. She's working with me on strategy, new projects, digital detailing, publishing and coordination. She's one of the most generous, most connected people I've ever had the chance to meet, and I'm lucky to be able to work with her.

If my name is on it, it's still from me… every word is still mine, every email too. Ishita is going to agitate, cajole and coordinate new projects and help me market, focus and be in the right places at the right time. And just in time, too.

A few other housekeeping notes:

This blog doesn't accept ads and I don't do paid endorsements. I get a new box of socks every year from Little Miss Match, but that doesn't really count. If you send me a book or a chocolate bar, it's unlikely that I'll blog it, but it never hurts to try, especially if the chocolate is dark chocolate. Books and other goods mentioned on this blog often carry affiliate links, and the money earned from these is donated to Room to Read or the Acumen Fund. I don't actively invest in the stock market or in startups, so if I mention a company, it's because I want to, not because I have an investment. I'm the founder of, and if I mention them, it's because I believe in what we're building. This blog doesn't have comments but I read all non-anonymous email–and if I write back, it's me.