People you can’t live (work) without

For a new project, I'm collecting photos of people who make a big difference in your working life.

If you have a photo you can share (see fine print below) of someone you work with, buy from, sell to or interact with professionally–someone who matters, who contributes, who makes a difference–I'd love to include it. It might be your boss, a copyeditor, a waiter, a craftsperson or even (!) a consultant.

All you have to do is attach the photo to an email sent to this address. I won't be able to respond or to read any notes attached, sorry. (Here it is if you have gmail:

Fine print: please don't send pictures of dogs, cats or iguanas. No family members, either, we know you can't live without them. No guarantee of inclusion. Close cover before striking. By sending the photo, you acknowledge that you have the right to share it and you're giving me permission to use it. Thanks.

Deadline: Midnight, September 1, 2009. Don't be late.