Traction and friction

A big car on a wet frozen lake goes nowhere. No traction, no motion.

A small bug working its way across a gravel driveway takes forever. Too much friction, too little motion.

If you're stuck, it's probably because one of these two challenges.

There's not enough traction online. Too many choices, too few boundaries. It's easy to get stuck because there's nothing to push off of, no box to think outside of.

There's too much friction in stuck industries. The walls have been expanded for so long, you just can't get over them.

The power of online platforms is that they create traction. No, you can't write more than 140 characters, no you can't design any layout you want, no you can't spam everyone with your inane sales pitch. You have something to leverage against, but it's that thing, the friction, that makes it work.

The best marketers I know make up rules for themselves and they don't break them. It's very easy to surrender to the moment and walk over to the next hill. It's more productive to climb this hill instead.