It’s still too difficult

If you read the previous post this morning, you saw tons of links, many from some of the smartest people I know. And too many were broken (they're all fixed now… click through to see the accurate list, which I'll update all day, and thanks for clicking). Apologies for the hassles.

We keep adding all this power to the web, but with the power seems to come complexity. I wish it were easier. Maybe it will be one day, but I'm getting less optimistic.

PS The launch of this ebook has been thrilling. For more than 7 hours it was a trending topic on Twitter, with as many as 20 tweets a minute flying by. PS we found two typos and fixed them. (Download here).

More important, the conversations that are being generated are just what we hoped. Clearly there are too many ideas in this ebook to absorb in one sitting, and certainly some don't apply to you. But that's not the point. The point is to think, to cycle, to talk about it.

Thanks for reading and for sharing and contributing to the conversation.