We were waiting for you

If the tooth fairy didn't exist, we'd probably have to invent her. Perfect fable for that moment. What would you say to your kid when he lost a tooth if there wasn't a tooth fairy legend?

Kwanzaa is only 43 years old, but it feels as if it's been around forever. The idea of the designated driver is new too, but it so perfectly fit a moment in our culture, it was adopted almost instantly. We also are delighted that there was Guy Lombardo and then Dick Clark, that someone coined a way to say, "what happens in Vegas…" and that a certain kind of ring that you're supposed to buy when you get engaged is now standard so the nervous guy doesn't have to worry about getting it wrong.

When you invent a brand or a word or a concept, you can spend a fortune to force it on the market. Or you can invent one that just fits.

If you see Santa today, send him my regards. He's got it figured out.