Update on the early Linchpin citizen reviewers

Last month, I offered readers who wanted to review my new book a chance to get an early copy. It was a pretty big risk, because it meant ignoring the tried and true process of talking to big media and tailoring a message for critics and reviewers. What happens when you go to your best customers with a product that's untested?

Five weeks later and I couldn't be more pleased or more grateful. We sent out thousands of books (your donations raised more than $100,000 for charity) and so far, the book has been well received  (if you're still expecting one, please be patient, especially Canadians, it should arrive soon – the postal service works in mysterious ways).

The page collecting the blog posts and tweets is here, and the range and depth that people are contributing is really exciting. Some will appear on the end papers in the next printing of my book. Here are some twitter blurbs along with the people you might want to follow:

scott_allison: Just read a preview of Seth Godin's new career manifesto for the new world, Linchpin. Should be given to all school kids.  AronStevenson: Reading the preview of Seth Godin's upcoming book Linchpin – Seth once again delivers what he's promised! Bigbrightbulb: I wish I could tweet [the] hand-scrawled Venn diagrams, they are such a hoot…  jlottosen: Very inspirational – as always. Works on all job types – what do you want to be the great giver of? lantzhoward Loving Seth Godin's #Linchpin. Navigating a new
trail in 2010. This is a book for everyone… bnlv  Yes yes
yes yes yes!!!!! I'm not available at all until this book has been read. recordstyle  one
of those books that you read from the inside out. More of a "find the
(you) in between the lines" style, flow, and feel. BarbaraShantz: Reviewing Seth Godin's new book, Linchpin. Fantastic Common Sense like we've not heard before. DanBlank: I'm only on the table of contents, but I've
already fallen in love with Seth Godin's new book 'Linchpin' rickysteele: Again, Seth Godin, has written a masterpiece.
His newest book, Linchpin, will be one of this year's most important books.
Life Changing! paul_shinn: Also read all of Linchpin in one sitting. A
great book. Going to think about who I will give the book so they can read it too. mavenroger: Just got my prerelease copy of Godin's Linchpin!
In short, it's about doers not talkers. Psyched…more to com. johnwaire found myself taking some extra time to warm up the car this morning…so i could squeeze in a few pages of linchpin ….
You can find fresh ones here.

In addition, here are three or four blog reviews. The rest are here.

I can't imagine why any author given the chance to do this would hesitate. Bypassing professional critics and allowing real people to use the newly powerful platforms available to them is faster, more direct and gives you far more feedback on your work. Not for the faint of heart though. It's emotionally easier to just push things to retail and hope for the best. Thanks to all who have contributed so far. I'm really humbled by the response.