Why you, why now?

That's really the only questions between you and a sale.

someone is going to buy from you, is it because you're the cheapest?
That's a hard thing to maintain. There better be a more sustainable reason than that.

If they're going to by from you
, is it because you're in proximity, the closest, the one source
that can satisfy the itch they happen to have? It's a little like being a
peanut vendor at the ball game. You need a big crowd and you have to
give up a big share of your income in exchange for being in the right
place at the right time.

The goal is to create an offering that can answer these two questions. Why from you and why right now…

Most businesses that struggle are unable
to answer these two questions in a compelling fashion. They act as though they deserve that sale, or that they need to aggressively close so you'll buy today, instead of working to build in these very elements to the product itself.