Two quotes and two links for a snow day

Arianna Huffington: "Self expression is the new entertainment, We never used to question why people sit on the couch
for seven hours a day watching bad TV. Nobody ever asked, 'Why are they
doing that for free?' We need to celebrate [this desire to contribute for free] rather than
question it."

Tim Cook at Apple: “This is the most focused company I know of, am aware of, or have any
knowledge of… We say no to good ideas every day.” Cook then pointed out to analysts that every single product the company makes would fit on the single conference table in front of him. “And
we had revenue last year of $40 billion."

Bonus audio interview: my hyperbolic rants and a few insights about the future of ebooks. Double last-minute bonus: an audio interview about linchpins and software and startups.

And a bonus simple productivity tip, which I've been accidentally doing for years.