Let’s spend a (very leveraged) week together

For a year, people have been asking for a sequel to the free alternative MBA program I ran in early 2009. Here it is. Like the last one, it is also free, but it's different, so please read on for the details.

I'm planning on inviting eleven people to an intensive five-day session in New York. This program is designed exclusively for people who:

  • Already have a job
  • Want to do more in that job
  • Can spend five days at my office with their boss's blessing
  • Take initiative as a matter of course
  • Are willing to work really hard and read a lot too
  • Do work that makes the world a better place

You have to have all six, without exception. If you think you would benefit from a rigorous re-thinking of what it means to contribute at work, if you want to take your strong connections and intuition and amplify that, I hope you will consider this program.

Call it the leveraged-nano-MBA for lack of a better name yet. Every day will be spent around my desk, either learning from me, going over case studies, discussing real life situations or working on a project of your choice. The only benefit I get is helping eleven very cool people leverage their jobs doing good. All the details and the application can be found right here.

I'm limiting the program to people at non-profits doing important work (or for-profits that leave a significantly positive impact on their communities). I know this is subjective, but I've found that people who are doing work that they're proud of have already made an important choice.

Applications are open from now until March 31st at noon EST. Late applications will be deleted unread.

For those of you that can't get to New York or want a digital version, I'm afraid that there won't be one. Most of my work is digitally available, but this is an intimate exchange of learning and ideas.

Just because it's free doesn't mean it will be easy, and just because it's short doesn't mean the lessons won't last. I truly want to help people who are doing work that matters, and this feels like a good way to do that. If this is for you, I hope you'll apply. If you can run a program like this, I hope you will. And if neither is possible, I hope you'll find some books and blog posts that help you achieve your goals.