The Linchpin index is now available (free)

Alas, ten years later, this post is obsolete.

I’m leaving the text below just in case, for history, but feel free to move on.

You can find the book here.

Josh Bernoff is a generous guy with an unusual hobby… he likes to make book indices.

Safer than juggling knives, that’s for sure.

Josh just posted the missing index for my book Linchpin. Usually, the publisher does the index, and I’m embarrassed to admit I hadn’t realized it was missing. Now I’m glad it’s here.

Two asides about the book: The full-length audio (itunes, audible) is probably the best reading of one of my books. Audio books work (for me) when you can listen to them more than once. I listened to my Zig Ziglar tapes more than a hundred times each–and I’m glad I did. And the hardcover, (bn) I’m told, is selling twice as fast as any book I’ve ever published. Thanks for that.

Enjoy the index! Special thanks to Josh for making it happen.