Announcing first dates for the road trip (Boston, DC, MN and Chicago)

Shubert As mentioned before, I'm bringing my New York seminar on the road. I've found that people can really benefit from direct and personal interactions, and so I'm bringing the seminar to a select group of cities over the next year (more if people show up).

My favorite concerts have always been the acoustic tours. Instead of fancy production, dancing rabbits and lip syncing, it's one person, one microphone and a human-scaled interaction. (Or sometimes five people plus Jerry).

So that's the way I'm approaching this tour. No slides, not so many carefully rehearsed bits, just me and a focused audience, talking through issues that matter. The goal isn't to deliver twitter-sized sound bites, but instead to immerse participants in a different way of thinking about the work we do and how we spread our ideas. I want to urgently and persistently change the way you do your work.

This is the one and only public seminar I'm going to be offering in any of these cities, so I hope you'll let people who might be interested know.

  1. First goal is a lot of Q&A. Sometimes my answer won't be about your question, but most of the time it will. I've found that hearing what other people are puzzling over (and seeing how it might be addressed) is actually a great way to find the insights you might be looking for.
  2. Second goal is to make it easy to find each other. All attendees in each city will have the option of being listed in a digital directory that all attendees will receive. Hooking up with others on the same road you are on can prove really valuable. New resources, new business. In addition, everyone gets an invite to the closed triiibe online group as a way of continuing the conversation.
  3. The nature of the economics makes it impossible for these events to be as small as we'd like and still include everyone who wants to attend. To make up for it, they're off the record, intense and fast-moving. I've run sessions like this in New York and people leave satisfied and more than a little overwhelmed with how much there is to think about and do.

Today, we're announcing events for the next four months, one a month beginning in June. I built a page with all the details: Boston, Washington DC, Minnesota and Chicago. The one after that is Atlanta (details to follow).

If we get a great response to these five, in coming months, we'll announce LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Austin, Nashville and some other cities. (So even if it's not your city, I hope you'll tell people who might be interested). The goal isn't to be cheap, it's to give you more than you pay for and to create a new lens on how you look at the world. Hope you can join me.

Read the link carefully for student seats as well as a chance to volunteer and get a free seat. And for anyone who is a truly regular reader of my blog, there's a $100 discount for the full day seat if you type the discount code Linchpin when you book a ticket, but it's only valid for twenty four hours from the time this post goes live.