Free Prize Inside

How to submit a picture for the inside of the new Linchpin jacket

Short version: snap a photo and email it to

Complete no-hassle version: Five steps to uploading a photo to be included on the inside cover of

1. Decide who you’d like to feature (you can submit more than one person, but only one at a time).

Acquire a headshot of that person, one that you own the rights to. Best plan is to take it yourself.

No logos, ape costumes or group photos please.

4. Email it (by
attaching it to a standard email) to If you have trouble attaching a jpg photo to an email, here's a tutorial. Only one photo per email, only jpg photos, please!

Don’t put a note to me in the email, since I won’t be able to read it. And I'm afraid there's no way for me to send a confirmation, since I'm routing the emails through a complicated, handbuilt mosaic system I've cobbled together… it's already a huge undertaking.

By sending the photo, you agree that you own the rights to do so and give me permission to include it. It's the only place I'll be using it, no ads, no billboards, etc.

can’t guarantee that all photos will be included. Please don’t send
duplicates or photos of famous people. Deadline is June 1, 2010 at
midnight. I'm giving priority to early submissions.   

And thanks. Thanks for helping and thanks for celebrating people who deserve it.