Linchpins are everywhere (raise the flag)

UPDATE: In more than 900 cities, nearly 6,000 people signed up to attend the one-day only meetup sessions for Linchpins. There were meetups in Jordan, Slovenia, the UK, the US and just about every time zone around the world. There's even a magazine.

Linchpins in Jordan

First Linchpins Ventura_4019-95-2

(Cyndi made these Meetmeme cards for her meetup)… 

I'm delighted (and a little surprised) that so many people are realizing how easy and powerful it is to surround oneself with people who will egg you on. Projects large and small are being spawned (including a slick magazine) but far more powerful, I think, is the psychic energy and encouragement you find when you discover that others are doing what you're doing, that they're walking the same road.

The real impact of Linchpin, then, is the ability of a book to help individuals verbalize what they already knew, and to connect us to one another. With a little effort, this can scale, the connections can become more vibrant and we can all ship some work worth doing.

Lizardflag Original Post: Announcing worldwide-meet-the-tribe-of-Linchpins day on June 14, 2010. In as many as 500 cities worldwide, here's your chance to find some folks just like you.

One of the first linchpins I ever knew was my 3rd grade teacher. His daughter was born on flag day, and for some reason, I've never forgotten that. So in her honor, it's Linchpin day on June 14.

Here's a simple, fast and free way to find other Seth fans in your community. Meet other people who talk about this blog, read the books and want to make an impact on the universe. Find people who ship.

This one-time worldwide meetup lets you either volunteer to run your local in-person, non-virtual, face-to-face group meeting (in a bookstore, cafe or greenhouse) or merely join one. The page is simple. Find a city or add one. If the city needs an organizer, volunteer if you like. It's very lightweight, free and it might just work.

Chemistry happens when people interact…

Have fun!