Odds and ends

Can't decide which are the odds, and which are the ends:

Right now, go buy this hard drive and do a bootable backup of every computer you care about. $60. If you spend six minutes a month (set it up before you go to bed), you'll thank me one day.

This blog makes me smile every day. If you're not in the habit of reading blogs by subscription, now is a great time to start.

If you're remotely serious about cooking, you should buy a cast iron fry pan. Your grandchildren will fight over it when you're dead.

Great writing matters. Here's my favorite blog about shaving (!) and here's a shaving website (no, there's no theme developing) that cops an attitude with their copy and pulls it off. And it helps the shaving cream is aces.

There are deep and magical micro-tribes online, and they're maturing. Check out this one before you buy a stereo. Wherever early adopters go, there are opportunities.

While I was waiting in (a long) line to see Shepard Fairey's pop up shop in New York yesterday, an enterprising gallery owner walked down the line and handed people postcards promoting his new show. The titles of the paintings are killer, and even better is the idea that people in line (wherever they are) are desperate for distraction.

And finally, the world's most famous book cover designer is also a killer novelist, writing about the prosaic world of advertising and art. The original is extraordinary and I just discovered that there was a sequel. (for $6!). I loved it and was moved by it. Thanks Chip.