Will you miss them if they leave? (Call for linchpins)

If you know someone who does great work, who brings passion and humanity with them instead of leaving it at the door of the factory, I’d like to help you celebrate them. Read on for three ways you can do that–fast and free.

Here are the three options, from most involved to least.

1. If you live in New York City or can get here easily
The folks at Vook want to talk to you. Vook creates augmented ebooks with video on the iPad, iPhone and other platforms. They had terrific success translating Unleashing the Ideavirus, and now they want to do it with my latest book, Linchpin as well.

It will contain video of people like you talking about Linchpins who matter to them, who have overcome the resistance and shipped their art to the world. If you know someone like that and are able to appear on camera at their New York studios, drop a line to rachel@vook.com and tell her who and what you'd like to celebrate.

2. If you’d like to submit a video but don’t live in New York

If you visit the Facebook page they’ve built, you can easily upload a video you shoot yourself. The best videos are simple, short and shot on a neutral background. Don’t merely tell them who the linchpin is, but tell everyone why–what's their art, what fear do they overcome, how do they contribute. Talk about what do they do, or why do they do it or when did they realize that they could make this dent in the universe.

[To upload videos to the Vook Facebook page, you must "Like" the page and then you will have the option to upload videos directly to the page wall.]

Smallermosaic 3. If you have a photo of your Linchpin

I’m going to be updating the inside of the cover of my book. I’m looking for pictures to include, and all you need to do is email it to this address according to these instructions. (Please read carefully before hitting send!) The new cover will be out before the end of the year.