Don’t snowglobe me, bro

Snowglobe How important is it? Is it so important you need to interrupt everyone, every single one of your customers?

There are only
a few signs on my way through security, yet there, on the biggest of all, is a warning about snow globes. Snow globes are apparently a big enough threat/cause
for confusion that they get their own sign.

Every time you
interrupt your prospect or consumer, you better ask, "is it important
enough…" Most of the time, it's not. Most of the time, the
interruption is a selfish, misguided effort by a committee that doesn't
get it.

Yes, I know
the TSA doesn't care about customers. But it's a good lesson for anyone
who does.

Don't snowglobe me. Interrupting everyone so you can properly alert one person in a thousand is just silly.