The shipit journal is back in stock…

For those following along, I've been discovering that creating and shipping a physical product can be lumpy.

I printed more copies than I thought would sell, but they sold out in 2 days. I then printed another batch the same size, which also sold out in two days. So this time, I printed 20,000 more workbooks and they're in the warehouse, ready to ship. (Currently there are sets of workbooks at two different prices, but they're the same, so grab the cheap ones while they last).

If this batch sells out, you'll be able to place an order and we can reprint and ship them as soon as they're ready. And I'll stop bothering you. Sorry.

I'm told that selling out is a good problem to have, but I'd rather have the right amount. Thanks for your patience. I think we're getting less lumpy now.