Busker’s dilemma (busker’s delight)

If you play music on the street with a bucket for donations, every song has to be a showstopper.

No chance for interludes or pauses or moments where you build up for the big finish. If the passerby doesn't stop, it's all for nought.

So your music changes. You're always at 11, always jamming it, always pushing in the moment.

Online, we're all buskers. For a while, anyway.

Once someone has stopped and started to listen, you have a choice. You can take that person on a journey, forego the next stranger and instead seduce the one you've got…

Or you can keep pushing for more attention from more people.

Both work. The challenge is in making a choice, your choice, a choice based on why you're doing the work in the first place. It's not up to them, it's up to you.