Domino Project update

Seven months ago, I announced a new publishing venture, powered by Amazon.

To date, we've published four books. We now have more than 250,000 copies in circulation across the four titles, and every one of them hit the Top 10 list (either hardcover, Kindle or both) on Amazon.

The blog has a bunch of juicy posts you might have missed, and subscribers to the blog get first dibs on our limited, free or sponsored titles.

The collectibles (one of my favorite parts) haven't been as fast to catch on as I expected, though the last two sold out within two days. I've been delighted at the great work BzzAgent and our street team have done in getting the word out, and blown away by how effective sponsored editions of Kindle books are. We've also had good luck with foreign translations, with many countries and languages in the works.

In the next four weeks, we've got four new titles coming out, each very different in its own way. I thought this would be a good time to invite you to subscribe to the blog. I'll keep our readers (friends) updated on the Domino blog. Thanks for reading and spreading the word.