Getting the OS right (for the iPhone, the iPad and the Kindle)

Stores went from being buildings to becoming websites… and now to devices. But Mr. Gimbel and Mr. Macy would be amazed and probably peturbed if they had to use an iPhone for more than a few minutes.

Some easily answered requests:

Why can't I see my apps in alphabetical order?

Or in the order they are most used?

Why can't I list the apps in text form, putting 80 on a page in two columns, instead of only 16 or 20 at a time?

Why isn't there a suggestor/genius that allows me to find apps that others with habits like mine use? It could change over time and reward me for opting in.

On the Kindle, why can't I see my archives organized by order of purchase? Date last read? Length? Popularity?

With ebooks, when shopping, wouldn't you want to know what percentage of the people who bought the book, finished it? How about being able to opt in to circles of readers and sharing comments, progress and reading lists as you go?

All of these improvements help people use the apps they've chosen and read the books they've purchased. And none of them cost much at all to deliver.

But let's not forget that some people actually like shopping. Are the online stores for these devices fun or exciting or social? Do they live and grow and change or are they static warehouses?

The seeds of what we buy and how we buy it are being planted with these early versions of the devices. I wonder if we're being cheated out of discovery, productivity and a bit of fun.