The more or less choice

I think it comes down to one or the other:

How little can I get away with?


How much can I do?

Surprisingly, they both take a lot of work. The closer you get to either edge, the more it takes. That's why most people settle for the simplest path, which is do just enough to remain unnoticed.

No one can maximize on every engagement, every project, every customer and every opportunity. The art of it, I think, is to be rigorous about where you're prepared to overdeliver, and not get hooked on doing it for all… because then you just become another mediocrity, easily overlooked.

That means more "no." More, "no, I can't take that on, because to do so means not dramatically overdelivering on what I'm doing now."

And it means more "yes." More, "yes, I'm able to confront my fear and my competing priorities and dramatically step up my promises and my willingness to keep them."