Nine ideas in search of a blog post

Loud and angry doesn't make you right. It just means that you are loud and angry.

I'm hosting a public event in New York City on May 16th. Save the date, registration opens April 16. More details then.

Sore muscles mysteriously respond to being soaked in a warm bath of water mixed with epsom salt.

"Everything will be alright" is not the same as "everything will stay the same."

If you grow up in a town with sidewalks, a suburb without them seems somehow wrong. Design instinct is cultural, not genetic.

I wish more people would read this post about spam and bcc email.

An interesting milestone in US politics: more and more people don't even like the Congress members they agree with.

One of the cheapest ways to have fun and save money is to check the air pressure in your car tires. Okay, maybe not fun, but still.

The pet supply store near my house now has a bakery section. It's either the end of civilization or the beginning.