Where does this blog come from?

A friend asked me today how many people work for me helping me write my books and blog.

I write every word of this blog (more than 2,000,000 words so far). If you see a book or an email that's from me, I wrote it.

I don't actively use Twitter (not because it's not a useful tool for some people, it just doesn't work for me) so I don't need a staff to pretend to be me there. (You can read this blog at @thisissethsblog).

I don't actively use Facebook either, though I have a page there.

If I blurb a book, it's because I've read it and thought it was worth highlighting. I don't endorse companies or other projects.

I don't take pitches to be on my blog, and no one can pay me to endorse them. I don't directly own private or public equity in companies I write about, except for Squidoo.com, which I founded, and use because I like what we built, not because I'm trying to persuade you to use it.

And those are my boundaries. They might not be for everyone, and I'm sure that others have other systems that work for them, but there you go. If I fail to respond to an email from you, or read something you send me, it's simply because I've made the choice to be a soloist than to farm out the thing I love to do to someone else.

Thanks for reading.