Big books, little books and the other kind

Words need a place to live. They seem to like it online, where they can be spread and touched and ingested at will.

But online isn't enough, because context is hard to guarantee and commitment on the part of the reader isn't really there.

So I'm not giving up on whatever medium is necessary to get the point across.

Hugh has launched a series of cube grenades about some of my books, here highlighting four from Linchpin. When you see them on the wall (I've got them sitting right behind me as I type this), the words seep in. And when colleagues see them, it's a powerful way to start a conversation. Which is the whole point, no?

One thing I haven't explored in 25 years of making books is creating the big fat significant book, the one that sits on the counter or the end table and gets read now and then–for years. I still remember the art books my mom used to keep throughout our house growing up. Some of them took me literally a decade to get through, but I'm glad I did. My Kickstarter has only two weeks left to go, and while most of it is sold out, there are still some of the big books left. I'm going to place the order for printing these in a week or so (they take months to produce), so if you're at all interested, I hope you'll take a look at the $62 edition today.

A house filled with books is a good place to live.