Commander Obvious chimes in with Tip #3 for effective web marketing…

Hey Kids: Professional web site marketers understand that you should treat different people differently. I'll be really specific—if you run a store in the real world, every single person who walks into that store sees the same windows, the same door, the same aisles and the same prices.

But on the web, the cost of multiple home pages, for example, is close to zero.

Example: I've been a user of Filemaker's Mac database since 1985 (!). I launched the software recently and saw an alert about the ability to upgrade to the new version. Of course, I clicked the link. And it took me… to their homepage. I needed four minutes and a bunch of clicks to actually find the upgrade on their site.

They went from treating me like a trusted customerr, someone who had been buying upgrades for 27 years and went to treating me like the hoi polloi, like a stranger who just stumbled in from a Google search.

Don't do that. Different pages for different people. It's not difficult, and it represents an understanding of how the web works and how valuable your customer's time is.