Vendor shout out

Yelp and other sites make it easy to honor a favorite restaurant. Amazon lets you praise the author of a book that touched you.

But what about the hard-working and insightful organizations we work with to make our businesses succeed? We spend all day with them, and bet our reputations on them, but it's not often we get to highlight the vendors who bring humanity to their work. It's so easy to focus on the broken software and the broken promises that take up so much of our time, but it turns out that it's the miracle workers that actually make our best work possible.

As I finish up my huge Kickstarter project, I wanted to share the names of some of the folks I counted on to make it work: 

Michael Quinn is a print broker who keeps his promises, no matter how complicated the job is.

Hugh Macleod is a genius.

Pirate's Press is my favorite choice for producing and packaging LPs. They care and it shows.

Alex Miles Younger runs Unozip, a graphic design firm that will both make you look good and help you enjoy the process.

Robyn and the team at Global are a patient and wise fulfillment house.

Dan runs a classic letterpress shop in Brooklyn, and does it with generosity and talent. Go take a class and bring your coworkers.

And Brian continues to deliver professional web work with his team at Viget.

I'm also delighted to be able to work with caring, insightful people like my copyeditor Catherine E. Oliver, my agent Lisa DiMona, librarian Bernie Jiwa, artist Lori Koop, connectrix Michelle Welsch, rights guru Teri Tobias and the editorial duo of Adrian Zackheim and Niki Papadopolous.

Every day I'm amazed that I have the privilege of doing the work I do, and I know that I wouldn't be able to do it without the combined efforts of literally thousands of people who do more than they have to. From the infrastructure that gives us the stability we need to dream to the person who says yes instead of no, I'm grateful. [Don't forget Arlo.]

I guess that's what we all we need. People with a point of view who do more than they have to.

And thanks to you, of course, for reading and for cheering us all on.

Thank you.