London, Boston and sharing your art (plus the new iphone app, it’s free)

Tickets just went on sale for the Icarus event in London, organized by Penguin UK. It's during the evening on the 17th of January. I'll be talking about, reading from and doing Q&A about The Icarus Deception. You can get tickets here.

Also, tickets are now available for the Boston session on January 23rd at MIT. Find out more here.

All the early bird tickets for New York on January 2nd are gone, but there are still some other tickets remaining.

We now have more than 250 locations around the world established for the Icarus Sessions on the evening of January 2. Please find your city by clicking here. You can read about how it works right here. A few things to clarify:

1. You can attend the group sessions without presenting. 

2. It doesn't cost anything, unless the local organizer passes the hat to pay for rent or snacks.

3. It will inspire you. I hope you'll attend.

By popular demand, a fabulous new free iPhone app is now available for those that follow this blog. Click below to get your copy:

It was developed by Anderson+Spear in record time, with flair and grace. Well done, guys.