Shipping Today: “V is for Vulnerable” (and a cool new poster bonus)

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Ending the year with a bang, I have three new books coming out. The first two are being published today, while the flagship original manifesto ships on Monday. I'm told that these books are as much fun to read as they were to make…

V is for Vulnerable is illustrated by the inspired/inspiring Hugh Macleod. It sure looks like a book for kids, with the entire alphabet outlined in the spirit you see above. But with phrases like A is for Anxiety and F is for Feedback, you'll quickly discover that the actual plan is to get under your skin and give you a new way to think about your work.


"Each page alone is worth the price of the the entire book, for its ability to make me think, inspire me, and make me smile…. My favorite letter is "U", as I've always detested umbrellas…. For years, I've been giving outgoing interns at our company a copy of the book "Oh the Places You'll Go" to inspire them on their journey. Beginning now, they'll all receive this book instead."
Dave Kerpen in his Amazon Review


V is takes the last chapter of The Icarus Deception and wakes it up and brings it to life. Here's what I've discovered: When I hand someone this book, the power of the format is so compelling that they usually read the entire thing, on the spot. Not merely enough to be polite, but all of it, even the less common letters like Q, X and Z. And that was my goal, to use the format of a book to change our usual reaction. I hope you'll check it out.

And, for those that would prefer their books be printed on one giant sheet of paper, to save precious page-turning time, check out this new Litograph of Poke the Box: Danny Fein has built a project that celebrates books as art at the same time that he sends new books to kids in need. I'm honored to support his work.

(use the discount code GODIN to save $10 until the end of the day on Friday the 28th).

PS my 600+ page ominbus blog collection ships today too! Both are available from fine local bookstores.