What’s now?

When I was starting out in the software business in 1983 (gasp), our home computer of choice was the Commodore 64. I vividly remember one day in the playtesting lab when the overworked floppy disk drive burst into flames. The surprising thing was that none of us were surprised. The entire infrastructure of the time just barely worked.

Twelve years later, on a sales call at Levi's ad agency in San Francisco, in the middle of a presentation, my PC laptop started spewing smoke. I didn't miss a beat. I shrugged, closed the cover and dropped it into a trash can.

Today, nothing is starting on fire. Today, a well-designed app looks fabulous, polished and stable, even though it was built by one person, in a garage. Today, email gets through. Today, we have a platform that (almost always) does what it says it will. We're all on the same OS (the internet). We can expect that any person we'd like to do business with, anywhere in the world, has a device we can use to reliably communicate with them…

If you've been waiting for the next big thing before you dive in, it's here.

No longer do we need to wonder, "what's next?" No, I think it's better to take a long look at, "what's now?"