A hierarchy of failure (from brave to shameful)

  • Mistakes! A series of failures as you follow a path of persistent long-term effort characterized by ongoing learning and a reputation that improves over time.
  • The giant flame out
  • Giving up in the dip
  • Shortcuts
  • Not starting
  • The critic, on the sidelines
  • Empty hype
  • The scam, the short-sighted selfish pitch

It's the flameouts and the scams that get all the publicity, but it's the long-term commitment that pays off. I have nothing but applause for those brave enough to fail, and fail again. It's not so much a failure as it is one more thing that won't work.

And the critics and the non-starters? They will get little respect from me.

Some say, "go big or stay home," but I prefer, "keep going." Drip by drip.