Respect and love

It's nice when someone loves your brand or your restaurant or your project.

But we don't get to love without respect, first. As J Mays at Ford points out, it's important to know that this car gets 48 miles per gallon, that it's incredibly reliable, that people you admire drive one–these are sources of respect.

If you can't earn my respect, don't even bother shipping it out the door.

Respect is insufficient by itself, though. Respect doesn't get the heart to race, respect doesn't often lead to waiting in line or gushing about an idea to someone else. No, those things come from falling in love, from the ineffable and magic switch that gets flipped when we are touched by something on an emotional level.

Without respect, don't expect love. There are too many options and too much information for me to fall in love with something incomplete or incompetent. But respect just isn't enough. Meeting spec will get you respect, without a doubt, but stopping there will never earn you love.

Time to invest in magic. Time to take the risk and leap into the unmapped, unsafe and unreliable territory where love lives.