Q&A: The 14 revolutionary trends and the Meatball Sundae

As our series continues, Louisiana Mitch wrote in to ask for an update of the fourteen trends I wrote about eight years ago in Meatball Sundae.

Here they are:

•     Direct communication and commerce between producers and consumers
•     Amplification of the voice of the consumer and independent authorities
•     The need for an authentic story as the number of sources increases
•     Extremely short attention spans due to clutter
•     The Long Tail
•     Outsourcing
•     Google and the dicing of everything
•     Infinite channels of communication
•     Direct communication and commerce between consumers and consumers
•     The shifts in scarcity and abundance
•     The triumph of big ideas
•     The shift from “how many” to “who”
•     Democratization of the wealthy
•     New gatekeepers, no gatekeepers

Every one of these trends has either appeared up or been amplified dramatically in the last ten years. Two questions come to mind:

1. How many of these ideas have you and your organization made big bets on since 2005? (Think about all the disruptive organizations that have been founded or grown significantly because of one or more of these drivers…)

2. Do you think these trends have played out? If it's too late, then by all means go looking for someting new to take their place. In my experience, though, every single one of these is just getting started.

People often ask for a map, but maps are no good if you haven't decided to go somewhere new.