Krypton Community College

Approaching KryptonTuesday (and we have a narwhal)

October 1st is about two weeks away, and all the elements are in place for you to organize your first class meeting.

Shane put up a Meetup Everywhere in case you're seeking someone in your town to collaborate with.

The forum has dozens of posts as well.

Most of all, though, this is best done with friends, not strangers. Or friends of friends. Most people will see your invitation as a compliment…

Also! We have a narwhal. Congratulations and thanks to Tania and Marius for such a cool image. Here is is, feel free to commission your own t-shirts. And here's a Zazzle store if you want to buy a one off… I just got one in green. All my proceeds go to Acumen Fund.

Go Narwhals. We may not have a football team, but we have more than 12,000 campuses.Narwhal t shirt.001