Cell phone cameras repel UFOs

We've relentlessly outfitted just about everyone with a pocket-sized video camera.

And as we've done that, the UFOs have stopped visiting us.

Experience is real. It is our memory and perception of what happened to us, and it's influenced by our self-told story of the world around us. Experience, though, doesn't spread nearly as well as the digital record does.

That doesn't diminish our need to experience wonder or fear or tribal connection. Digital proof doesn't decrease a human being's need to be an outlier (or an insider) or to flee to safety in the face of things that scare us. It doesn't diminish our need to invent conspiracy theories or recognize heroism.

So the emotional experience moves. It moves from making up sea dragons and UFOs and the other "un-true" things others could never prove were merely made up. Instead, those emotions drive how we interpret what you sell, or what you say when you run for office, or how we interpret what happened on TV screens around the world. It changes the way we think about the things we can look up or get in our email box. Even when we can see something for ourselves, we'd often rather get a talking head or tribal leader to understand it for us. To tell us what people like us think about something like that.

Emotion isn't going to go away when the 'false' legends and fables do. It's too resilient for that.  Instead, it's going to influence the story we tell ourselves, as it always has.

We don't need your proof. We need your story, and what it means to us.