Krypton Community College

In search of a narwhal

Krypton is an experiment in one way we can think about a future of education.

One of the best things about playing with ways to engage in education is that there are all these fabulous tropes. Calling this a "community college" for example, is a way of getting at the idea of community and collegiality and inquiry, while still riffing on the name of an institution.

You can have deans, registrars, degrees, grades, ivy covered buildings, cheerleaders–tons of shortcuts to communicate a reminder of something that most of us have experienced in one way or another.

Of course, every institution worth its salt today also has a sports program, with a private jet, a football team and a mascot. We don't need the jet or the footballs, but we do have a mascot.

Here's what the interns looked like sorting through their limited-edition Krypton Ultimate Frisbee Team t-shirts ("league champs, 2016"). There are no more of these, but one day perhaps we'll make something even cooler.

Before we do that, though, we need an image of our mascot, so we can invent our own t-shirts and swag.

If any of you are up for the task, draw your narwhal, a better narwhal, polish it up and send it over. The winning mammal gets a free t-shirt. Thanks.

We'll get back to more serious matters in two days. Enjoy your weekend!

PS This stamp, while well intentioned, is insufficient. It misses the joy of being a tusked sea mammal, don't you think?