What works?

We are capable of abandoning, bullying, raping, murdering,
belittling, undermining, objectifying, cheating, stealing, ignoring,
maligning, spamming, excoriating and arguing.

And the very same people can support, trust, connect, lead, inspire, invent, illuminate and wait patiently.

The extraordinary thing is that we've built a society where the
second category pays off more than it ever has before. The media would
prefer the former, of course. It's more fun to cover a fight than it is
to report on progress. And the fast-twitch world prefers the caveman
stuff as well. Tweet your first impression, better hurry. That's what
our lizard brain evolved to do, it's our first instinct.

In the connection economy, though, the thoughtful, patient, mature and modern approach wins out.

Because connection is built on trust and generosity, not on snark and short-term wins.

Day trading isn't nearly as valuable as building something that lasts.

When your inner caveman shows up, the question you might ask him is,
"will this juicy, satisfying, visceral action in the moment build my
connection and weave a platform for my future, or is the price I'm
paying for pleasing the crowd the fact that I'm tearing my platform