Krypton Community College

Halfway through the first course…

Actually, many groups started more recently–I'm hearing about groups at big corporations, among friends, and in cities and villages around the world. I hope you're finding the first Krypton curriculum worth the effort.

One thing that people are finding is that the personal interactions are transformative. While it's tempting to believe that online learning is the answer (and no, doing this on a Hangout is not the same as doing it in person), what's clear is that the social anxiety that comes from forming a group is precisely the same force that pushes every participant to bring her best effort to the class each week.

Learn together is more than a catchphrase. It's the truth–that's how we do our best work.

Also! I'll be announcing not one but two new courses next week. Your group can choose to do one or the other, and don't forget, the courses stay online forever, so you can do them when you like, in whatever order you like.

Thanks for being part of Krypton.