Krypton Community College

Krypton Course 002: Malcolm Gladwell on The Sociology of Success

[Updated on October 21, 2013, 8 pm]

Here's the second course, The Sociology of Success: Culture and choice.

There are two versions, you can download one or both and share them
with those enrolled in the course you're leading. They are in PDF format, and the files you download have web links throughout, making it easy to click to read the highlighted materials.

Download the STUDENT edition

Download the ORGANIZER edition

The organizer version is a slightly longer version, it includes notes
throughout that cue the leader on exercises and questions that can be
used during discussions.

This post will be updated if the course is updated, so feel free to check back here for the latest.

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Both this course and Gretchen Rubin's course include some material from their bestselling books, books that will add a lot of value to each.